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Britweek: Tough Economy? Get Brand Integration.

Posted by Elegant Celebrity on March 11, 2016 at 5:50 PM


the economy has been rough on america and britian, even the entertainment industry has suffered.  

during the 2016 britweek film & tv summit, industry insiders talked about the downturn, and some lessons learned.  the event was produced by variety and the british academy of film and television los angeles.


broadcast and cable networks are projecting better revenues for 2016.  the movie business is getting better, too, especially in terms of raising equity for films.  movie distribution is still challenging, however, according to celine rattray, producer of the kids are all right.

there are upsides to the downturn:

  • fewer shows get made, so the market is unsaturated;
  • budget constraints lead to creative problem-solving, and oftentimes, better movies.

one creative solution is brand integration.  brands are looking for more efficient ways to reach an engaged audience, and the traditional 30-second spot is less engaging than the content it sits against, according to brett lyons of match entertainment.  it’s a safe way to engage viewers, according to phil ashcroft of island nation media.   one creative use of brand integration is to offer it for free as a way of strengthening a relationship with a brand.


variety is hosting several exciting events this summer that will be attended by many industry insiders. take your pick from a great line-up.


film finance forum @ screen singapore - singapore

ny mobile entertainment summit™ - new york

film finance forum moscow


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