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Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle: Awakening To Higher Consciousness

Posted by Elegant Celebrity on March 8, 2016 at 3:25 PM

welcome to the now, said eckhart tolle, as he strode onto the stage at the shrine auditorium where he was joined by deepak chopra on february 27.  the two of them discussed pathways to higher consciousness.


tolle said the beginning of higher consciousness is when you realize there is an endless voice in your head that never stops talking. ignore the voice!


my greatest achievement is i don't think when i don't want to think, he said. according to tolle, the mind is a tool that should be used sparingly.


how do you minimize the incessant mental chatter?


be awake in the present moment. when there is presence, there is higher consciousness emerging through you, according to chopra and tolle, who went on to suggest:


feel your body.

watch your breath.

invite stillness into your life.

invite into your life spaces of pure presence and being.

look at a little baby who bubbles with bliss.

look into the eyes of a dog, who is filled with love.


obama's dog has no idea his master is the president of the united states, said chopra.   dogs and babies live in the now, and are not weighed down by the past or future.


according to chopra and tolle, the only place you can experience consciousness is in yourself.   realize who you are in your essence.   your core being is pure love, curiosity, wonder, and joy -- a timeless dimension within you that is far deeper than your conditioned personality.


can all humans evolve into a state of collective higher consciousness?   can we live in a world free of war, poverty, greed, and racism?


tolle said world peace is dependent on a sufficient number of humans who live in state of higher consciousness.   the only thing more insane than the personal ego is the collective ego.

chopra quoted confucius:   we are not fully human until we experience an outflow of benevolence, goodwill, and loving kindness, and have gone beyond a limited sense of identity.


tolle made a fascinating observation about human evolution:   our path follows an upward trajectory of growth, but with loops of regression.


he made another keen observation on where we are in the trajectory right now.


we're here to address higher consciousness, but no matter how important it is, i don't remember reading about it in the newspaper, hearing about it on the television, or listening to any of the presidential candidates address it.   for a presidential candidate to mention higher consciousness would be political suicide, except for the one candidate for whom nothing is political suicide.


tolle was referring to donald trump.


it’s hard to say what trump will do for our collective higher consciousness, but spiritual leaders like deepak chopra and eckhart tolle are making the world is a better place.


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