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About Us

We want to make a difference in the world by covering positive news about celebrities and innovators.  

We have two publications.  Elegant Celebrity covers positive news about celebrities, and our blog, Innovator Insight, covers insight from leaders and visionaries.

We Have 1,000,000 Viewers a Year

Our content airs on Cable TV, and on 15 online video websites including YouTube and iTunes

It is also widely embedded by news organizations including AOL News and Yahoo Sports, and by dozens of blogs. 

Our pro skater interviews receive the most comments.

Our Audiences

Most of our viewers enjoy our content for its entertainment and educational value.  They are

  • adults ages 18 to 54, and
  • young adults ages 13 to 17.
  • They are educated and Internet-savvy. 

Our secondary audience enjoys our content for its positive, inspirational messaging.  They are

  • ages 16 to 36, educated, Internet-savvy, and have an above-average income.
  • They are interested in the principles of success, and they want to improve their lives.

Our third audience is made up of the influencers and their colleagues who we interview.

Most of our viewers are in North America and Europe, and 35% are in Southern California.

Elegant Celebrity is Mother-Approved

Mothers applaud our efforts to enrich society, as demonstrated by Melissa, a mother of four:

I watched your interviews -- my son is a huge NBA basketball fan, and he really enjoyed your interviews, too.  He got to play XBOX with Kevin Durant, but his favorite NBA player is Dwyane Wade -- ever interview him?  Great to see you on Facebook! 


We are making a difference in the world with positive, inspirational messaging.  Most celebrities and industry leaders achieve success through hard work, passion, humility, and a positive attitude. These are our corporate values, too, and they are worth broadcasting.

Max Flower, Publisher

I'm always amazed at how quietly confident most successful people are.  I learn something from every interview.

Learn from successful people.  They are great people with great stories.  Use their example in your quest for excellence.  Learn about how they got to where they are, how they stay there, and how they want to be remembered. 

This is your publication, too.  You are a part of our success.  I'm glad you're tuning in.  Welcome to the Team!

Feel free to contact us anytime:  max@elegantcelebrity.com.  Let us know what we can do for you, and we'll do our best to make it happen.